A little about me...

Hello, my name is Tammy Lewis,

I welcome you to my Cathartic Counselling service.

I have been in a confusing place where I was needing and wanting help yet unsure what that looks like or where to find it. I was scared to do it on my own and made a choice to start counselling and I have never looked back.

I personally believe that we are all unique and through our own experiences of childhood, teenage years and adulthood; these can and will shape how we see ourselves, others and the world around us.

There is still a stigma attached to counselling and I really want to change that. I am very passionate about counselling as it can change lives and does really support your mental health and wellbeing. It can also help you to understand of yourself better, feel lighter, calmer and more in control.

I will encourage you to open up about your struggles and the emotional work can be draining and make you feel initially vulnerable and or sensitive, but embracing the process leads to feeling empowered, lighter and more self-confident. I may offer information and suggestions, but I will not tell you what you should think or do.

I tailor therapy to suit the needs of the person in front of me as a “one size does not fit all”. By using an infusion of person centred, psychodynamic, cognitive behaviour therapy, inner child work and hypnotherapy, allows me the opportunity and flexibility to promote healing from a mental, physical and emotional perspective.

Building a therapeutic relationship is essential to the counselling process, as feeling comfortable sharing aspects of yourself and your life with me, can feel really scary. I provide a space of non-judgment, warmth and understanding and being honest helps you get the most out of your counselling sessions. 

To help with selecting a counselling, I provided a phone call consultation in order for you to get a feel and a sense of who I am, ask me questions and I can also find out a little more of what is going on for you.

Please be mindful that counselling is a process that takes time. I warmly encourage at least six sessions to experience the benefits.

You do not need to walk this journey alone. My door is open when you're ready. 

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, 

then I can change.” 

~ Carl Rogers ~