Self Help

Have a look at some self help information and top tips

The Mood Scale 1.pdf

Mood Scale 

This scale can help you check in with yourself.

+5 = Feeling your best  

0 = Feeling neutral 

-5 = Feeling your worst

It is super difficult and goes against our emotions to jump from low to high (-2) to (+4)

Your job is to ask yourself the question, "What can I do for myself that can help me get to the above number on the scale?"

If you are feeling a (-3), what can you do / put in place that can help you feel a (-2)?

(Check the list of 50 self-care ideas) 

50 Self Care Ideas.pdf

50 Self-care ideas 

Self-care? What is it and what does it look like?
Here are 50 idea for you to have a go of at. Adding these into you day can really help you feel that little bit better.

If you feel a (-2) and you would like to feel the next step up closer to 0, then what do you need?

Do you need a hug?

Do you need to talk?

Do you need fresh air?

Do you need to be creative?

Do you need to read a book?

Do you need nutritious food?

Do you need a walk within nature?

Have a look at the ideas that you can use to help you feel a little better.
Saying to yourself something like...

"I feel a (-2) at the moment, but now I want to feel a little better and by going for a walk and having a soak in the bath, this is going to help me to feel better"

Once completed self-care tasks, check in with yourself again. What number do you feel now? 

Emotions and Feelings Wheel.pdf

Emotions Wheel

Our emotions and feelings are feedback to what is going on in our lives.
Emotions are your brain’s best guesses of what your bodily sensations mean, guided by your past experience.


Your brain creates these guesses in the blink of an eye. One moment we might feel happy, while the next, we might feel sad and sometimes, we might feel scared. 


There’s plenty of other emotions and we can experience mixed emotions — flitting from one emotion to the next and on to another within a short time.


The exercise:


Can I label those emotions?

Where in my body do I feel it?

Is it hot / cold or light / heavy?

If I was to give it a colour, what would it be?


Example: Even though this emotion is making me feel uncomfortable, sad and or angry, can I give myself permission to feel it, validate it and not be overwhelmed by it.

Accept what I am feeling, awareness that all emotions are my personal experience and feedback, understand that they will pass and I can give myself permission not to be sucked into that feeling and I can choose to help myself feel a little better.

The 3333 Rule.pdf

The 3333 rule - Helps me feel grounded. 

Feeling anxious?

Feeling worried?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Our bodies have a built-in alarm, which is called our fight and flight response.  This can be triggered with a real or perceived threat.

Hundreds of years ago the threat would have been an animal and our body would have had to kick in the alarm system to either run away or stay and fight.

In today's world our systems can be triggered by anything that we think is a threat. That we "believe" is a threat to our survival and often not logic or make sense. 

Some examples: An email, an argument, relationship breakdown, stepping out of our comfort zone, stressful jobs, not having enough money and so on.

It is our job to help our system feel safe and the 3333 Rule can help ground and refocus.